WB12 - Import an Element from SCM

Startbeitrag von Joel am 09.08.2009 18:13

Hi -

When you import an element from SCM, you have two choice, "share" and "Import a copy". If I understand correctly, if I "Share" it, it stays 'connected' to the SCM copy so any changes made to that copy show up in the shared versions - is this correct?

If I make changes to one of the 'shared' copies, do those changes "trickle up" back to the "Master" copy?

I have tried to find information about this in the help files, as usual, no luck.


And while I'm at it - is there anyway to get the images that might be in the shared element to get copied automatically to the new project directory?

von Joel - am 09.08.2009 18:16
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