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SQL statement not working from WinDev

Startbeitrag von Michael am 10.08.2009 06:47

Hello All:

I'm using HExecuteSQLQuery(MyDS,"SELECT date1 FROM tablename WHERE diff(day,GETDATE(),date1) < 365")

in order to retrieve those records where date1 is within the last year.

For some reason is not working properly, but using exactly the same select statement in SQL Server directly, works fine.

Any idea? Is it possible to monitor the T-SQL sent to SQL Server and see what is sending the WinDev application?



Hello Michael,

You should use the hQueryWithoutCorrection option (be careful, you must specify the connexion parameter when you use hQueryWithoutCorrection), so that WinDev will not check the syntax of your query before sending it to Sql Server. I guess that WinDev does not know the diff() function and so wrongly decides that your query is not right.


Michel Fages

von Michel Fages - am 10.08.2009 09:13
Hello Michel:

I confirm this was the problem. Using the SQL statement with hQueryWithoutCorrection mode (and declaring the connection parameter) solves the problem.

Many thanks for your valuable information


von Michael - am 11.08.2009 00:05
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