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WB12 - Expandable areas

Startbeitrag von Joel am 11.08.2009 16:50

Hi all -

I am having a terrible time with the whole "Expandable areas" thing. I can't seem to get it to work consistently. I have a page with a looper - as the looper grows (up to it's maximum number of rows) I'd like the 'Columns' to either side of the page to extend along with the looper.

In the right and left columns - I have graphics about 150px X 600px. Then below those graphics I have a cell under each column with a background color the same as the bottom of each graphic.

I set the cell to 100% and the 'outside' page to 100%, but it does expand. Sometimes I can get the block (cell) at the bottom of the columns to move down the page, but not expand.

I have tried lots of combinations of the 100% along with setting objects to "can be overlaid" and not - to no avail. I believe I did get this to work one time, but can't seem to replicate it. My webpages look odd with the middle of the page extending, but not the columns on the sides.

Can the template be set up to expand - and will they if the page that's using that template expands? I would think so, but not sure...

Does anyone know where there is some detailed info on expandable columns?

Any ideas are appreciated!


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