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SQLTransactions() - Failure on HModify()

Startbeitrag von Mark am 13.08.2009 08:30

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone out there has encountered the following problem.

I am developing a window which allows adding/editing of Invoice headers and items,
using MS SQL Server as the back end and connecting via OLEDB. For all the adds/edits I am using HAdd() & HModify().

There is a specific process in the window which does a batch update, so I thought I would wrap this in a Transaction using the SQLTransactions() function.

All the batch update does is adds a bunch of Invoice items and links them to an Invoice header via a foreign key. As I mentioned earlier this is done inside a transaction which seems to work fine, however after this process is successfully completed and the transaction commited, I update the Invoice header items count to reflect the number of invoice items added, it is at this point I get an OLEDB access error 170137 failure on HModify().

What is more perplexing is if I remove the SQLTransactions call and go through the same process it executes without an error.

What do you think?




Hello Mark,

Do you read the invoice header inside the transaction? What is the error message?

von Louis Verbraak - am 13.08.2009 13:56

No, actually I don't this is done after the transaction.



von Mark - am 13.08.2009 15:16
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