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Code editor drag and copy

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 13.08.2009 11:39

Hi All
In the code editor you can highlight some code and then click and hold down the left mouse button and drag it to where you want to move the code. My question is , is there a way to copy the the code using this method. I would like to highlight some code and click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to where I want to COPY the code. Is this possible. Can someone tell me the magic key combination to drag and copy. Thanks for any help.


Hello John,

I am sorry if I don't understand your question for 100%.
What about ctrl-c en ctrl-v ctrl-x?

Regards Frans

von Frans - am 13.08.2009 13:06
I know how with the keyboard. I would like to do a copy paste with the mouse. If you highlight some text, then click and hold down the mouse button while you drag the mouse across the screen you will see that the editor will take that highlighted code and move it to where you are at when you release the mouse button. But this moves the code. I want to copy the code to where I let go of the mouse button, not move it. Sometimes I want to copy code instead of moving the code from its original location. I was just hoping there was a way to do that.

von John Marrone - am 13.08.2009 13:42
Hello John,

That's standard as well: right click and 'Copy/Paste'?!

von Louis Verbraak - am 13.08.2009 14:01
Hello John,

Highlight - drag - ctrl+release will do the job you want.



von Kevin - am 13.08.2009 14:17
You are the man. I knew there had to be a way. If you could move code that way you had to be able to copy code that way. Thanks a lot.

And thanks Frans and Louis for your time and suggestions.Kevins way works exactly the way I want it to work.

von John Marrone - am 13.08.2009 16:40
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