WB 12 - Session Server File

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 13.08.2009 19:38

Hello All,

Since no one has commented on my file upload and web camera questions, I will ask a simpler one. Is there a way to set a fixed file path on the server such that it is session dependent. That is to say, the path and file name is the same for all sessions but the physical file is different?

The reason I ask is that the Web Camera control displays a file and refreshes at a specified rate. As far as my tests go, there is no way to specify that file by programming. We are trying to capture a web camera output from the browser and that file has to be uploaded to the server to display on a timer and if it is the same physical file, all the users will see the same image.

I have answered the problem with the Upload control clearing. I am changing an image on the page from the uploaded file, that causes the page load code to execute and that resets the edit control to blank.

It also appears that you cannot put a file and path in the Upload control by programming.

Thanks for listening and comments appreciated.



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