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Deployment of a Webdev 14 site

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 14.08.2009 11:01


I try to push a website via FTP to a Webserver (IIS)
Everything works, but the 2 last lines of the Logfile are:

Failure saving the application in the account file.
Check whether the file permissions are correct (or contact the server administrator and give him this message).

Any ideas which "accout file" it means ?


Hi Michael

Based on the message content (not experience, I never got that one), I think it is referring to the fact that each 'application' (ie web site) is linked to a WEBDEV user account. These accounts are visible in the webdev 14 administrator, 'administration' tab. There, click on the 'Accounts' button.

When you edit the properties of each user, you will see that there is an 'applications' tab, where each 'application (ie site) is linked to a user in charge of administration for this site. This is the mechanism allowing hosting of multiple webdev developers on one server, each of them managing his own sites

Now why couldn't you register your site in there, that is a very good question

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.08.2009 12:51
Hi Fabrice,

it was the missing permissions for "c:\webdev 14" for the webdev admin account at the server machine. Now everything works.

BTW: Can anybody explain under which circumstandes (=browser restrictions) the AJAX
mode doesn´t work ????


von Michael Drechsel - am 14.08.2009 12:57

Re: When does Ajax doesn't work

Hi Michael...

Ajax doesn't work (AFAIK) in the following cases (and I'm sure it's not an exhausting list)
- old browsers
- javascript disabled (security add on like noscript in firefox by example), as javascript is the 'j' part of ajax
- specific security settings on some browser (the easiest way to test that I found is with opera where you can disable/enable ajax by a simple menu option)
- 'reduced' browser (some mobiles browsers are VERY primitive, and support only very simple sites... I'm thinking by example blackberries)

Of course, this also goes for javascript, java, flash, and anything fancy you are trying to do

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.08.2009 14:48

Re: When does Ajax doesn't work

Thx Fabrice.

Last question:

Is there any function to test if the user has disable javascript ?
AJAXAvailable() seems not the right thing.

von Michael Drechsel - am 14.08.2009 19:38
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