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Exe just quits on its own

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 14.08.2009 12:02

Hi All

My program will run for 5 minutes or so and just quit to windows on its own. I mean just exit, no error message nothing, just quits. I put a html control on a tab. But that was the last thing done to the app. I am going to delete it and see what happens. But even so this should not happen. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so did you figure it out. Any help will be helpful.


Hello John

You may be able to start a trace in the project init and run it to a file but if the program doesn't finish properly the file may not get written properly.

In a similar vein, running the profiler from the project init may also give you some info.

Another option is that it may be a compile error, in which case delete the CPL directory or just recompile and create the exe again.


von Al - am 14.08.2009 14:04
Or use dbgEnableLog() - gives you a log of every function-call which can (only) be analyzed in Windev.
It's like if you are debugging afterwards. I always have this one optional in my software, so clients can turn it on. To be able to get difficult every-now-and-then errors. Very usefull!


von Arie - am 14.08.2009 14:22
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