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How does the HawaiiStore.com Shopping Cart work?

Startbeitrag von DanM am 16.08.2009 00:18

I am trying to understand how to build a shopping cart.

I have been looking at the HawaiiStore.com example but cannot understand how the CART works.

I do not see any classes in this project and CART is not a data file??

I have tried to look in the code and description of each PAGE and the controls inside each page but I am not understanding how this project works or how it is put together.

Can anyone tell me if there is any documentation or explanation of how this project is put together and or works ...

or ...

How can I learn how to build this type of project ...

Thanks ... Dan



I think this one uses the standard shopping cart component which contains all the logic and classes encapsulated in it.

The easiest way to implement a shopping cart is to have a class instance as a global project variable that encapsulates all shopping cart items (array of items (e.g. structures or other object instances) in the cart) and logic as methods to this class. Write once, re-use anywhere...

Of course this is for standard dynamic mode because in AWP mode it will be a bit different because you have to save (serialize-deserialize) your shopping cart context somewhere.



von Peter H. - am 17.08.2009 12:01
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