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Sharing a Class in the application

Startbeitrag von Michael am 16.08.2009 18:20

Hi All:

I have an App consisting on an exe and 3 DLLs. I would like to share the logged user information among the exe and DLLs.
I implemented a GLOBAL class in one of the DLLs and imported it into the rest of the modules. Both member and methods are defined as GLOBAL.
When I tested the implementation, I realized the information is not shared among the different modules; that is, the variable (member) contains different values for each of the modules...Is that the expected behavior? I would expect that if I would be using normal classes (objects), but using GLOBAL classes, I would expect the class shares member's content among the modules...

Any idea?



I should correct the above description. Actually, I 'm using Components rather than DLLs.
I didn't try it using assemblies...May be, it works..


von Michael - am 16.08.2009 20:53
Hi Michael

did you check if your component are set up to share the program environment? It's one of the advanced options

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.08.2009 00:16
Hello Fabrice:
I can't find such option...Do you know where to find it?



von Michael - am 17.08.2009 05:01
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