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How to add a additional Key in Analysis & DB containing Data

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 16.08.2009 20:13

I have been trying to change a file item in the analysis to be a key item.
After the change I get the following error.
The database affected has many records.
How is this done in a proper way?
Thanks for any Help!

The 'Table_airport' control cannot be initialized, the following HyperFileSQL error occurred:
Description of logical file () stored in analysis differs from the one stored in physical file (). Unable to access file.
Number of key items in file differs from number of key items described in analysis: 8 key items in file and 9 key items in analysis.
key differs from key described in analysis. Check the key type (unique, with duplicates, etc.), the case, the accentuation, the punctuation and the search direction.



Re: How to add a additional Key in Analysis & DB containing Data

Hi Hans...

On a development DB, the analysis editor should have proposed to you to modify the physical files during the analysis generation process... You probably didn't accept or didn't specify the connection to use to access this DB.

If it IS a development DB, then go in the analysis editor, and in the file menu, select 'modify the file structure' (from memory, it could be a little different), then 'point' to the desired DB(s)

Now if you are talking about a customer DB, there is a checkbox in the installation editor to automatically modify the physical files

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.08.2009 00:15

Re: How to add a additional Key in Analysis & DB containing Data

Hi Fabrice,
thanks for the info. When I did the changes on the analisys, WindevMobel crashes after saveing the changes. Anyway I maged to get it done although it is not a nice way of doing so.
Thanks again.

von Hans60 - am 19.08.2009 19:30
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