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WB12 - App dispalys differently in IE vs. Firefox

Startbeitrag von Joel am 17.08.2009 00:38

Hi all -

I have an online app that displays differently btw IE and Firefox. It displays properly in Firefox. In IE part of the page is pushed way down the screen.

I have WebDev setup up for :Optimize for compatible with all browsers.

Any comments appreciated.


Hi Joel

unfortunately, there is no ONE simple answer tot hat question... Firefox and IE DO behave differently sometimes, and to find what is causing it can take some time...

Generally, this kind of behavior is caused by some fields not being defined as aloowed to overlay

But the best way to analyse the problem is to make a copy of the faulty page and start removing fields from it ... When the problem stops, you have an idea of what field is causing the problem, and then you can look at them more closely, make some changes and restart the process...

The cause of such a problem is a combination of fields, so most oten yo need to make several changes before everything works right

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 17.08.2009 12:14
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