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Change from Standard Mode to VGA Mode (WDMobile)

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 19.08.2009 19:34

I have a small project, it is done in Standard mode and contains tables and tabs plus radio buttons plus edit fields. Now I like to chnage that to VHA Mode PPC. What is the correct way of doing that, beside selecting VGA under Project.
Do I need to run a copy of the same project for VGA or is there another slicker way. After changeing to VGA the whoöe thing is compltely messed up and looks worse than in Standard mode.
However to chnage the entire layout manually will take ages if the project is a bit bigger.
Does anyone have some experience in this?



Found that if it is done via "Project , Other Actions, Apply Skin to Project" it works. It does not work on individual Windows in my case as the tool keeps crashing.

von Hans60 - am 20.08.2009 12:38
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