Need help Error Number = 170147

Startbeitrag von Brian am 20.08.2009 19:14


Can anyone help me identify my problem based on the following error:

Using WinDev 12 MS SQL db.

Error at line 117 of Click BTN_Ok process.
HModify function called.
OLE DB access error.
Error Number = 170147

Failure updating record in database

System error Details.

Description = Optimistic concurrency check failed. The row was modified outside of this cursor.

Source + Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
SQL State = 01001
Error Number = -2147217864
Native Error Number = 16934.




Hi Brian...

this kind of error occurs generally when you are doing 2 hmodify without reading the record again:


for whatever reason, you have to change somthing in the record

then hmodify again

To solve the problem, do a hread of the record before the second hmodify

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.08.2009 19:28
Thanks Fabrice,

Appreciate it.


Brian Holmes

von Brian - am 21.08.2009 11:39
Hi Frabrice,

Still having a bit of a problem. Mainly multi users assing the same record (via MS-SQL OLE DB connection - Windev 12/14).

If I remember correctly back at the WinDev conference in Florida this year you covered this, I think but I do not have any notes on this.

Did you cover this? If so could you send me that section of the conference?

I am pulling whats left of my hair out on locking files, if it crashes when locked etc. etc.

Also trying not to go this route because of the expense but does the WinDev MS SQL Native access take care of all this for you?

Thanks and have a great day.


Brian Holmes

von Brian - am 24.08.2009 11:54
Hi Brian

I did not cover locking problem using MSSQL, no, sorry...

One of the problem of using a DB other than Hyperfile is that you also need to know how to handle the specifics for YOUR DB in addition to know the wlanguage part.

Your current problems could come from a MSSQL setting OR from your windev code, but without seeing your code and knowing the details of your problems, I'm afraid nobody can help you...

So what you should do is try and isolate the problem as much as possible then post it here. If it's coming from the winde side, I'm sure you'll get an answer... And even if it's coming from MSSQL, there are enough people here using it that you'll ahve a good change of getting some help

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.08.2009 15:41
Thanks Fabrice,

Loosing my mind I guess .

Will post here when I get it narrowed down.



von Brian - am 24.08.2009 15:50
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