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WD12 groupware

Startbeitrag von Arie am 21.08.2009 09:55

I'm using the usergroupware in one of my applications.

I noticed that putting rights on a tabcontrol or sidebar is not working. Nor does it on the different panes of tabs. Is this a bug or not implemented yet? Or am I doing something wrong.

Everytime a window is opened, WD runs some (internal)code to set all userrights according to the records in the file on the GPWELEMENTCONFIGURATION.
I tried adding a record for "pane1 of sidebar1 on windowmain" in the table GPWELEMENTCONFIGURATION myself.
like this: "windowmain.sidebar1.1" or like this "windowmain.sidebar[1]". But still not working.

Of course I can implement my own groupware, using some parts of WD which DO work. And add some code for the missing pieces. But then I have to add at least one line of code to every window (calling my own gpw-procedure). But I didn;t buy a RAD-tool for that :angry:



Re: WD12 groupware

hi Arie,
my expirience with groupware is, that any changes on it becomes to a problem! In the first time i try to change in in multilingual. when i compiled my application i have had a lot of bugs in it. So after a lot of days working on it i decided to take a own solution.It seams to me that PC Soft has to something on this issue.
Sorry, I know this is not a solution for your problem, but mybe you can save time
KLaus Hermans

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von devi.pcs.crosspost - am 21.08.2009 13:37
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