Checkmarks in code editor

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 22.08.2009 12:04

Hi All

Could someone tell me how to use the checkmark (bookmark) feature in the code editor. I know to right click the mouse and select checkmark to set a checkmark. How do you go from checkmark to checkmark once you have set some checkmarks. I have searched help to no end. Thanks for any help in this.


Hi John,

I think what you are looking for is the F7 key which goes to the next marker and Shift-F7 which goes to the previous marker. Also, Ctrl-F7 will set/clear a marker like the right click and checkmark. I find these very useful but sometimes it takes mix of F7 amd Shift-F7 to get movement to a marker when in different code window.



von Jeff Graham - am 22.08.2009 12:44
Thanks Jeff, looked all threw the help and could not find anything on checkmarks except for menu items and such. Thanks for your help Jeff

von John Marrone - am 22.08.2009 13:25
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