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Format a number to a string

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 22.08.2009 12:23

Hi All

I am using numtostring to return a real as a string. I pass it a number such as 89.453467768 and I get back from numtostring "89.453467768 ". What I want to get back is "89.4" to be able to use dText to print 89.4. I have found stringformat and format in help but neither is the solution. Doesn't WD have a function such as FormatNumbertoString(myRealNumber,"999.9") or something similar. Really grateful for any help. This is such a common need I can not believe WD would not have a very well known function to do this.


NumToString(YourNumeric,"4.1f") is your friend. The editor offers to start a wizard after inputting NumToString( and there's the Help system anyway ..

von Jimbo - am 22.08.2009 12:30
Thanks, I was already using numtostring so I serached help for everything but numtostring. Found the FormatString and Format functions, but didn't think to re visit numtostring. Thanks for your help Jimbo.

von John Marrone - am 22.08.2009 13:23
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