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WB12 - Programmably changing what query a combo uses

Startbeitrag von Joel am 23.08.2009 01:26

Hi all -

I have been trying to get a combo box to change which query it uses to display its data - but no luck so far. Here's the code I've been trying so far - any ideas?

IF gpgpar_EventType = "Event" THEN
STA_Title..Value = "Add an Event..."
CMB_EventsList..Caption = "Select an Event"
CMB_EventsList..BrowsedFile = "Qry_ListItems_EventIsNotTest"
CMB_EventsList..DisplayedItem = Qry_ListItems_EventIsNotTest.sListItemCustom

STA_Title..Value = "Add a Test Event..."
CMB_EventsList..Caption = "Select a test Type"
CMB_EventsList..BrowsedFile ="Qry_ListItems_EventsIsTest"
CMB_EventsList..DisplayedItem = Qry_ListItems_EventsIsTest.sListItemCustom
EDT_CyEventPrice..Visible = False
CHX_BTaxable..Visible = False
EDT_I4Capacity..Visible = False
CMB_IncomeCategories..Visible = False

I put this code in the init section of the page, and I have tried not putting quotes qround the query name - it just throws an error.

Any comments appreciated.



I f I understand what you are trying to do I think you may have the wrong approach. The combo box is built on a query so that it should always be linked to that query. If you want to display two sets of data conditionally I would use two combo boxes, one populated by your "istest" query and another populated by your "isnottest" query. Then simply use the conditional event to make the appropriate combo visible and the other invisible and vice versa.



von Milton - am 23.08.2009 03:14
Hi Joel,

Look at the BrowsedFile property.


von Piet van Zanten - am 23.08.2009 08:05
Hi Joel,

You can also load the combo by executing the query and then
FOR EACH QueryName


von Jeff Graham - am 23.08.2009 18:12
Thanks Jeff -

No that's what I was looking for!

von Joel - am 23.08.2009 21:21
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