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Startbeitrag von Carlo Hermus am 24.08.2009 00:11

Hi I am playing around with mci commands and playing an avi file. All works accept 2 things, it plays way too fast and no sound. I have codecs installed and they work with other players very well.

Windows XP. Shark codec pack.


Hi Carlos,

there are several ways to play an avi file!
AVI files can be made with a bunch of different and maybe hard to get codecs. E.g. TechSmith have their own video / sound codec. If you didn't take the video on your own it's truly some guesswork .. btw: what type of videos?

- play it in an image control (never got that one really working!)

- play it in a multimedia control. That works just fine.
Command: MultimediaPlay(Multimedia1,"ES01.avi")
It even resizes with the window.

- convert it to flash (.swf) and use an HTML-control. This is my favorite one, because you can use the movie locally and via web. No problems with codecs. You just have to start the associated html-file: HTML1 = CompleteDir(fExeDir())+"Videos\MyVideo.html"

- you could use automation and start Windows Media Player

- you could integrate any free player and use it as a pop-up.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 24.08.2009 05:48

Thanks for your reply. I am not looking for the mmplayer controls or generstion to swf.

I am using the MCI commands and I want to keep using them, because it has more control then the mmplayer of WinDev.

But now my movie plays to fast and no sound, also tested it on Windows 7, same result. All other players on the computers have no problems with this avi file.

von Carlo Hermus - am 24.08.2009 14:31
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