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How to edit code in two editor windows [WD14]?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 24.08.2009 11:01

I am wondering how to get two code windows opened at the same time.

If I already have one code window open and then try to open another code to be edited in a new window, it opens in the same window and closes the old code from that window.

However, sometimes I have managed to get two pieces of code opened at the same time in two windows, but I am not quite aware of what was the situatian at those cases.

At some point of time (some older WD version) there was in some menus the possibility to open the code into a new window, but I haven't seen that option around lately.

In my opinion a decent development environment should allow several code windows opened at the same time. Even my old Clarion 2.1 CPD from late 1980's allows me to edit two source files at the same time:-)

Certainly the lack of this feature does not help make development ten times faster:-)

Or maybe I 've missed something? A well hidden setting somewhere? Any hints?




Hello Ola,

In the Display-menu you can choose 'Recycle the code windows' or you can click on the button right to the 'Procedure combobox'.


von Louis Verbraak - am 24.08.2009 11:26
Hi Louis,

Very good hints! Development just speeded up considerably!Thanks!


von Ola - am 24.08.2009 11:41
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