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Errors when checking in analysis into Source Code Mgr

Startbeitrag von Parrot am 26.08.2009 19:11

Hi everyone,
I am working remotely in my home office connected to the main office via VPN over DSL. The DSL connection is 3MB download/384KB upload. I have no problems in checking in my windows, reports, etc. into the Source Code Manager server located at the home office with the exception of updates to the analysis. My analysis currently has between 70 and 80 file definitions currently. Recently, I’ve received errors when I’ve attempted to check in the analysis. The error is:

Security Mechanism of WinDev14 was triggered
The connection to the server was interrupted.
Possible reasons include:
HyperFileSQL Server was stopped
Network cables was unplugged
Network equipment failed

All the possible reasons are not true in my case. Our initial thought is that SCM is timing out when I check in the fairly large analysis – the check in runs for 10 to 20 minutes before it gives the error message and is usually about 25% complete. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this problem when working remotely and if upgrading the internet connection solves this problem.

Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.



Hi Spencer,

I did not have the same problem, but was getting 'Internal Error' frequently when closing the project or checking in items. I reported it to PC Soft and they recommended upgrading to HF C/S version 14 even though we were using WebDev 12. That did seem to help so if you are not using HF C/S 14, you might try upgrading that.


von Jeff Graham - am 26.08.2009 23:45
Thanks for the reply, Jeff. We're already using all the WinDev 14 features including HF C/S 14. I haven't seen the Internal Error on our closing or checking in so I presume that's because I'm already at HF C/S 14.


von Parrot - am 27.08.2009 11:44
Just a bit of a shot in the dark but....

Is your SCM optimised for ADSL?

You can check in SCM Administrator/Tools/Options/Advanced

Might be worth a shot!



von bosher - am 27.08.2009 12:11
Thanks for the suggestion, Bosher. I had completely missed that advanced option! I've updated the SCM option now, so I'll cross my fingers that this will help.

Thanks again for your response.


von Parrot - am 28.08.2009 12:55
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