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Website creation of PHP using WebDev

Startbeitrag von Brian Stephen am 30.04.2008 17:02

As I work for a small non-profit/charity, cost is always an issue.

I need to create, and deploy, several data-driven websites, and would prefer to do so as cost effectively as possible.

From the literature, WebDev offers the ability to generate several variations of websites using different methods.

There is the WebDev Application Server (which is fine if I only had to deploy one web server).

There is also mentioned the ability to generate a website in PHP, which would require no other deployment costs. Mention is also made of DOTNET but the literature is vague on whether the product generates DOTNET code or just will allow integration of DOTNET code (clarification anyone?).

How good is the PHP website generation of WebDev, and given that WebDev can generate PHP sites, what advantage is there to using the WebDev Application Server?

I have a partial response to a previous post that indicated that WebDev PHP generation was a poor option.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Stephen


Hi Brian,

I think the real benefit of webdev is really awp mode. This obviously requires the application server at 299 euros. ok, it's money i'm sure you'd rather save but when you see the difference in your personal productivity, the price disappears into insignificance. Your sites will be much better and more usable to the end user. You will not have to spend time wasting effort on workarounds in order to do what you require.

Once you have an application server licence, you can hosts as many sites as your hardware can handle. I imagine that you want to host your site at an isp? You will need either your own physical server or virtual server colocated somewhere. If you have enough bandwidth of your own, then you should have no problem.



von Bob Stratton (bosher) - am 01.05.2008 09:19
I agree with Bob. WebDev's PHP functionality is limited at best. To experience all that WebDev has to offer, go with the app server (preferrably on Windows). It'll make you're life so much easier.


von Peter Raines - am 01.05.2008 09:47
I wont go PHP way with WebDev, I bought WebDev with that in mind, but never get it to work, I report the problem to PcSoft and they answer that there is an issue there, but never got back a solution, and that was with Version 10 and 11.

So your only option is going with the WebDev app server

Andres Sanchez
Monterrey Mexico

von Andres Sanchez - am 03.05.2008 19:03
We worked hard to try to make the WinDev PHP work. It was almost impossible. We gave up after about 90 days. For large customers we use WinDev with Applicatiion Server. For small installation we have gone back to C# and Visual Studio.

My hope is someday in the future that PC Soft will realize they are loosing a lot of developers with the requirement to buy the application server extra. We have lots of small clients where the additional $400 US is just too much.


von Hyrum Tatton - am 03.05.2008 22:48
Hyrum Tatton
My hope is someday in the future that PC Soft will realize they are loosing a lot of developers with the requirement to buy the application server extra. We have lots of small clients where the additional $400 US is just too much.

In version 12 you get to deploy the "test" server as a production server, limited to 10 connections at once.

"The WEBDEV test application server, limited to 10
simultaneous connections, can be used and
deployed freely, for any type of site (and not just for
test sites). This makes it easier to deploy sites with
very few simultaneous users (up to 3,000 connections with the
regular application server)."

Will that help your small clients?

von Art Bonds - am 05.05.2008 18:15
That should help a lot. I didn't know this new feature. Way to go PC-Soft. This kind of thing could make me a fan. There isn't the same kind of deal for the MSSQL Native driver? That would complete the package.

Thanks for the heads up. Im anxiously awaiting version 12.


von Hyrum Tatton - am 06.05.2008 00:09
I agree Hyrum. PCsoft is definitely heading in the right direction. I think that shortly after they decide to the make the engine royalty free like the HFCS will be the time their software takes off like a rocket!!!

While it doesn't seem like a lot of money, it is nonetheless an obstacle that has to be overcome with every customer I encounter.


von KenKnight - am 06.05.2008 00:28
> There isn't the same kind of deal for the MSSQL Native driver?

I haven't seen it if there is.

von Art Bonds - am 06.05.2008 02:17
We made a number of sites in php using webdev 11. I have had no problems. A number of php functions are not supported, buth for those it is no problem to add them directly in the webdev project. With a few very simple functions it is also possible to add Ajax functions in Webdev 11 php. I believe that ajax is implemented in Webdeb 12. I use php in conjunction with mysql. Works fine...

Some (dutch) sites


von Geert Defour - am 07.05.2008 12:03
Thanks for the positive report. I suspect I will use the WebDev App server for our main operation, but will definitely give PHP a try for some of our satellite operations.


von Brian Stephen - am 09.05.2008 21:18
Hi everybody...

This is MY view on this 'problem': There is NO problem here...

Brian Stephen
Thanks for the positive report. I suspect I will use the WebDev App server for our main operation, but will definitely give PHP a try for some of our satellite operations.


I do not count in small and big customers, I count in numbers of connections...

If any customers is going to have a big number of connections, he 's going to need a dedicated server, in some case several. In that case, the cost of the webdev server is nothing when included in the total infrastructure cost.

If a customer doesn't need a big number of connections (and I'm guessing this is the case for your small customers), then he doesn't need a dedicated server... For all of those, I got myself a dedicated server, paid the 300 euros, and I'm hosting them internally... The 300 euros have been reimbursed long ago by the price paid for the web sites development... And they NEVER heard of the webdev server 'problem'... If you cannot get the value of the webdev server out of a web site development, I would suggest that you are definitely not charging enough :-) As you can put 10s of those small site on one server, the cost PER site is negligible.

If they are in the intermediary range, I just set them up with a webdev hosting provider, where they will share a bigger infrastructure and pay each month as usual...

Best regards

Fabrice Harari
WinDev, WebDev, WinDev Mobile consulting

von Fabrice Harari - am 11.05.2008 08:06
There is a problem for us. Our web solutions access the accounting data on the local school server. There is no way to move that data to our site or for us to act as an intermediary to the school.

So, I believe there is a problem.


von Hyrum Tatton - am 12.05.2008 03:56
Hello Hyrum...

THAT could be a problem, but still, all my other arguments still stand:

- Are you really able to develop a web site with a price tag so low that 300 ¤ will make a difference?
- If they already have a whole internal architecture, what is 300¤ compared to that?

Best regards


von Fabrice Harari - am 12.05.2008 06:16
Unfortunately it makes a difference. Our systems sell for about $1200 per school. When we add $500 we are completely out of line with our competition. The web site is a small addon that allows faculty to access their accounts.

But, thanks for the ideas we are investigating some way to make it work using a district level web site.

I really appreciate your insights and assistance you give on this forum.



von Hyrum Tatton - am 12.05.2008 21:36
Considering the Ver. 12 Webdev 10 connection development server can be rolled out for free what seems to be the issue?

von Art Bonds - am 13.05.2008 02:55
I suppose buying version 12 is the only problem now ;)

von M. Beaven - am 13.05.2008 02:58
Hello Hyrum...

I see... Reusable standard web site, not made on demand one... I understand better now... But in that case, the 10 SIMULTANEOUS connections free server from WB12 should solve your problem. And if you code it in AWP, then you shouldn't (I haven't tested, but logically, as there is no session in awp) have any limit, and it would still be much easier than in PHP...

Best regards


von Fabrice Harari - am 13.05.2008 05:02
I just realized I bought after 09/15/07 and qualify for a free upgrade to WD 12. I can hardly wait. And yes the free 10 users should solve the problem. I am excited about getting rid of VS and C#. Thanks

von Hyrum Tatton - am 13.05.2008 19:44
Hi Fabrice,

I guess you missed the 1st post on this thread. "I am with a non-profit/charity".

Every Euro spent on extras (i.e. Native MS SQL access per server, and App Server per site) is money that is not available to the homeless, battered women, abused children, or the 70-odd other programs my organization is involved with, and as one of the other posters has mentioned, often there is a need to tie into local data so remote hosting is not an option.

For my purposes, the 10 user App Server will be a big relief and save a bundle on the smaller sites. As also mentioned, I wish they went that way with the Native SQL Access.



von Brian Stephen - am 14.05.2008 02:16
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