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Startbeitrag von Sandro Abramo.pcs.crosspost am 27.08.2009 09:17

I have tried to use a looper in PHP. It works but when I try to retrieve the link selected by user in the looper I have all the ATT_* attribute empty. I have already tried to use the PAGE_Looper.wwh (transformed in PHP page) but it is the same. Clicking on the link, I got blank info.
The question is.. how can I identify the image clicked by user if the image is in the looper ? all the site is in php.

thank you in advance

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Hi I tried to use a Looper image in Windev to detect when the user pass the cursor over it. In looper this doesn't works. Try to use the Looper cell to detect the image associated.

Rubén Sánchez Peña

von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 28.08.2009 09:51
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