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WebDev-14 with Google Docs

Startbeitrag von Shahine am 27.08.2009 15:42


Has anyone managed to implement a connection to Google Docs from WebDev or WinDev-14 ?

I want to be able to link Google documents to database records, but I cannot see how you can achieve this?

As I understand it with WebDev-14 we have 3 basic commands:

GglUploadDocument: Send documents to the Google server
GglListDocument: Retrieve a list of documents available on the Google server
Ggldelete: Deletes a Google document from the Google server.

I can use GglListDocument, and get a list of my documents, but then what? How do I open one of the documents and display the content? Ideally I want the user to select a document from the list and then display that document in an IFrame in my application. Is this possible? Any ideas?

On a separate note GglListDocuments parameter for ‘Google document folders’ doesn’t seem to work! I can list all my documents, but I cannot get a list of what is in a folder? Any ideas?

Many Thanks



Hi Shahine,

You may have to roll your own.. See here http://code.google.com/apis/documents/docs/2.0/developers_guide_protocol.html#DownloadingDocs


PS: I would also love to know how to do this without resorting to google API...

von bosher - am 27.08.2009 16:26
Hi Shahine,

I did not work with Google Docs, but there is also the function: GglRequest() which make any request.

From the download doc (also given by bosher), you could use GglRequest() to Get the Document...

Maybe something like GglRequest(Cnx, gglServiceDocuments, "/feeds/download/documents/Export?docID=example_document_id&exportFormat=example_format")

This will make a GET request as described in the documentation. (Also in the help, they provide a complete URL... maybe this is required too.) I would guess that the content is returned directly from the function. sData (or binary?) = GglRequest()...

Hope this help.

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 28.08.2009 12:54
Thanks for the replies bosher and Alexandre

I will check the GglRequest commend.

However I am not quite sure how it is meant to work!

Firstly how would I know the full url of the document?
More importantly what do I do with the data that is returned? if it is binary it will be of no use!

Anyway I don't really don't want to download the document at all. I want to be able to display it (within the Google Docs editor) in an IFrame.

So that my users can edit, view or print the document.

Thanks for your input


von Shahine - am 28.08.2009 16:33
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