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Startbeitrag von Robin Lane.pcs.crosspost am 28.08.2009 12:33


I have just started to look at WebDev, and am trying to work through the Tutorial.
I can get a Static Site to display in IE (both the WD example & one of my own), but I cannot get anything else to display - none of the other WebDev examples nor my own test-page.
I keep getting an HTTP 404 error "The Page cannot be found"

I am running XP Pro, and can develop for the WEB in .NET quite happily.

Does anyone have any ideas??


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Hi Robin,

It sounds like the web server you are using is not set up properly. I had the same problem and had to go through the entire set up in the help. Once I had to uninstall my IIS 6 metabase and install it again.


von Jeff Graham - am 29.08.2009 13:13
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