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Printing HTML text via WebDev-14

Startbeitrag von Shahine am 28.08.2009 16:47

Hi All,

Can someone let me know how to print HTML text from WebDev-14?

I have used (the very limited) WebDev-14 HTML editor to capture some HTML text.

Created a report with a 'Rich Text' field and used the command 'HTMLToRTF' to send the data to this field. It prints, but all alignment (for example centered text) are ignored.

I have also added the Javascript HTML editor tinyMouse to my WebDev-14 application.
The tinyMouse HTML editor is great (what the WebDev HTML editor should have been like). So now I can enter HTML easily.

However the problem is printing this text.
Webdev reports sent to PDF print nothing at all.
Reports sent to HTML are a little bit better, but again most of the attributes are lost.
I am talking about basic font size and alignments, not the extended HTML attributes.

Is there another way of printing HTML text from WebDev?

Many Thanks



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