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[WD12] Insert bold text into a control

Startbeitrag von Al am 30.08.2009 12:00

Hello All

I need to construct a string with some text in bold + information from an RTF control and I cannot make the text bold. I have tried from the examples using GFontBold but it doesn't work as I expected. Even the example in the Help does not work as a text string.

I think this is how the code should be
LOrigInfo is string = RTFInsert(NoSpace(IMSHD0.Description)+CR,gFontBold()+"Original Information:"+CR+"Procedure Name"+CR,1)

This should give me in bold text:
Original Information:
Procedure Name
The rtf text should then appear under that heading

What I get is not bold and shows the escape symbol plus the letters "PG"
Esc + PG + Original Information:
Procedure Name
my RTF text then appears here.

Does any one have an example of how the code should be written please



Hi Al,

RTF is a markup language very different to HTML. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Text_Format Single symbol characters can take up to 100 characters!

I experienced similar, seemingly insurmountable problems with generating RTF text programmatically. At last, I solved those problems by 'writing' to a hidden RTF-Text using SendKey(..) .. this way I could make a small text editor for use of a dozen languages and character sets at the same time. This was for printing labels with usage instructions in several languages.

Maybe, you could simulate writing in bold / normal to an edit control and copy the contents of the edit control to the caption of the button?

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 30.08.2009 12:44
Hello Guenter

Thanks for the suggestion, it got me thinking again. I was getting bogged down trying to get the GFontBold() command to work, because it seemed like it should be the correct method.
I modified your idea and the solution is relatively straight forward.
Create a number of RTF statics, type in the text with RTF attributes as the captions for the static and then use the static..caption to introduce the text where I need it.


von Al - am 30.08.2009 13:50

Hi Al,
that's fine!

von Jimbo - am 30.08.2009 14:11
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