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WD12 - pop-up menu problem

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 03.09.2009 11:39

Hi all,

When coding and/or window designing, I right-click the mouse a lot (as you do when working in WD), to get the WD pop-up menus to move between screens; so for example, if I'm designing the objects on a window I would right-click on a push button object to get the pop-up menu and I then click on the "Code" option - sometimes, when I do this, the "Code" option remains on my screen, i.e. if I minimise WD the "Code" option is still there on my desktop (or on top of anything for that matter)! It doesn't happen all the time, just when I've been using WD for 30 mins or so...

Also happens if I right-click on other areas to get a pop-up menu... the option I select remains on screen even though the menu has gone - very frustrating when it's on top of the other stuff on my screen! :mad:

Does anyone else have a problem with their pop-up menu options???

This has only started happening recently and I'm trying to "get my head around" if this is a problem with my installation of WD12 or a problem with my installation of Vista Business?

It may be related, but around the same time, I have also started to get a problem of WD hanging when I right-click on the "Windows" tree view option (on the right) in order to create a new window. This happens every time I try to create a new window - WD brings up the New Window dialog and correctly defaults to the Templates tab, but when it's trying to display a visual preview list of my template windows, the dialog box seems to "flicker" and then hangs - it's as though it's trying to find my templates, but just can't seem to display themfor some reason? If I come out of WD and restart then try again, it seems to work okay...

Hope this makes sense...?

Any suggestions...?


Hi Darren,

I sometimes have a problem with an WD12 element that stays on top of the other stuff on my screen, but I don't know for sure if this is a menu item of a popup menu. I have had this about 3 times now in the two years that I work with WD12 and I believe it all happened in the last half year. But it is very frustrating.

The only way to get rid of it is rebooting my pc.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 04.09.2009 08:15

Thanks for responding....

Yes, it's only started happening to me recently and yes, I can't think of any other way, except logging off and on again seems to remove the offending graphics...

von DarrenF - am 04.09.2009 11:17

Does anyone have any idea about the template dialog window hanging before it displays the template window previews???


von DarrenF - am 04.09.2009 11:31
Had a similar problem a few months back. I did find out however that it also occurred when I right clicked on the windows taskbar and clicked on Task manager, that menu option would also stay on the screen till I rebooted. Whether WD initiated it, is hard to tell. I was in between windows updates at the time and subsequently, when another update came up, the problem was gone.

There is something fishy (always) going on in the state of Redmond.



von issah - am 04.09.2009 12:38
Mmmmm, perhaps I'll check the recent Vista update history... [[5]]

von DarrenF - am 04.09.2009 12:48
By the way, I'm working with Windows XP on the 'problem' pc, not with Vista.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 04.09.2009 13:11
Hi all,

Just refreshing this issue as I've upgraded to W7 and still getting the problem of the pop-up menu option remaining as a transparent option on the desktop - very annoying!.

I've discovered csrss.exe is hanging and waiting for WD to respond, but with the help of the guys on the W7 MS Answers forum, I've discovered (by using the Resource Manager and the windows debugging tools), that it's actually (most likely) happening in a WD DLL - namely; WD120OBJ!pclCreateFactory (this is the last thing in the trace file).

To get this far, I needed to link to some MS Symbol files, and once I did this - the debugging tools gave me the above info.

Now, according to the guys on the W7 forum, I need the WD symbols to get more information... maybe I should leave this to PCSoft, but it seems not many of you guys get this issue (if any). In fact I only seem to get it on my main dev PC, so looks like it's specific to one of 3 PC's :confused:

So, now to my question - does anyone have these symbol file(s) or do I need to go to PCSoft? I'm trying to get as far as I can as I'm pretty sure PCSoft won't be able to duplicate this...

Thanks in advance for any help/advice...

von DarrenF - am 26.12.2009 23:57

Hi Darren,

two questions:
- which Windows version?
- which graphics card (maker, driver)

1 - I do use pop-up menues a lot but never ever experienced such a behaviour. It MAY be connected to your video subsystem (graphics card + drivers) or it MAY be a Windows problem not redrawing the desktop properly.

* maybe, it's a simple hardware defect of the graphics card.
* try changing the BIOS settings or review the hardware setup.
* try to refresh the drivers of the graphics card.
* are there any updates laid aside in Windows Update?
* expensive graphics cards and not-up-to-date drivers are known to leave so-called 'artefacts' on the screen, maybe an option of a pop-up-menu.

2 - as long as the phenomenon cannot be reproduced on a sufficient number of computers, PC Soft will not be of much help. Note: there's a tight connection between the number of error reports and their putting a priority level to a certain problem. This may sound a bit weird but nevertheless it's true.

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 27.12.2009 08:07
Hi Guenter,

This is related to my other (recent) post about templates as well, as it's happening when I right click within the WinDev API - when I right click on New Window on the treeview to the right and the on the New Window window when it's trying to display the templates for example. And the strange thing is, it doesn't seem to happen anywhere else on my PC.

It was happening in Vista Business but I've upgraded to W7 Home Premium and it's still happening. Graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1200 series and there are no updates waiting optional or otherwise.

In the Resource Monitor it's showing that it's the csrss.exe Windows routine/process that's causing WD to hang - the csrss.exe is the bit of windows that handles the processes related to the windows and objects that are displayed.

I think youmay be right about the graphics card etc... but I need to find it. Now that I have found that it's the main Windows client/server handling process that's hanging, as I said, I think I'm going to need the symbols from PCS to get to the bottom of this - I'm almost there.

In the "Resouce Monitor" (type Resource Monitor" into what used to be referred to as the Run option of the Windows Start Menu), CPU tab the hanging process is highlighted in red and if you right click on it you see an Analyze Wait Chain option and this gives the hanging process.

You can also (as I did) download the begugging system from Windows that uses these symbol files to help locate problem like this, but I need the PCS ones to finish the debugging...


von DarrenF - am 27.12.2009 12:28
Hey Guys,

I've been having this for about three years on my old Dell Inspiron 9400 (with an HD screen). It seems to be related with the WinDev graphic subsystem somehow because it only occurs (once in a while) when the WinDev IDE is running. I am able to do a full refresh and get rid of the remaining (popup) menus by changing the screen resolution and next setting it back.

It's not a real show stopper but it's a pain anyway and as stated before, if you send this to tech support you'll probably get the 'cannot replicate' answer. However, it seems more people are having this issue...



von Peter H. - am 29.12.2009 09:27
Hi Peter,

It's a stopper when I want to create a new window as it hangs WD until it decides to "come back". Sometimes it doesn't come back and I have to close WD and re-start it again. At the moment I'm creating quite a few new windows :-(

I'm 99% sure (you can never be 100% can you?), PCS support will not be able to replicate this one as you say! Also, it's specific to one PC - my HP laptop.

As stated above, I know which WD routine seems to be causing the problem but can't dig any further due to lack of a WD symbol file. I'll send a support call to PCS with what I've got so far asking if I can have the symbol files for WD to see if I can narrow it down, as I won't get anywhere either with PCS (or HP that's the way I have to go), if I don't have any evidence.

Thanks for your reply...

von DarrenF - am 29.12.2009 14:09
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