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Image to Ocr (not a professional user)

Startbeitrag von denterst am 25.08.2014 20:44


1)How can i make windev extract text from a image control?lets imagine the below image beining load in a image control how do i get the text?

I tried building a grid in a image control if pixel are a certain coler then that part of the grid gets extracted however this way is to slow and often let my computer run a ground especially with high resolution images .I keep thinking there must be a better way that uses less calculatin force .a good exampel would be google translate app you take a picture of a text it olmost instantly reconizes the text while my celphone hes a verry light cpu.Does windev have a build in command for this somting like img_control1>to text?

2)How can i make windev reconize a patern (lets say a triangel from a certain size ) in a image control.What function do i need to use?

I have realy been strugeling with this for a long time i hope sombody can give me some pointers
keep in mind i just started with windev.




Kind regards,


von Joris - am 26.08.2014 07:55
I find a free online ocr , it can extract text from image.

von tonytong - am 15.12.2015 13:39
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