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Version 14 Survey, enquete

Startbeitrag von Frans am 11.09.2009 12:32

Hello to you all,

I just recieved a survey email from PC-Soft about their products.
I think all of us should take the time (15-30 minutes) to fill it in.
This is our chance to make a point and give them our opinion.

This is a good thing and I hope that they present the results to all off us. At least at the persons that send in a reply.


Hi Frans,
Public Link ?
( or just for dedicated customers ? )


von BLS - am 11.09.2009 14:41
Hi dude,
they'll send it to your inbox!

von Jimbo - am 11.09.2009 17:00
Hello to Jimbo and Björn,

Yesy they send it to my email and yes it is a link.

von Frans - am 11.09.2009 21:43
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