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Active Vista MDI parent window

Startbeitrag von SuperDude.pcs.crosspost am 11.09.2009 12:37

I would like to use Active Vista as skin template for a MDI parent
window... Looks terrible,! What's the trick ? I know some folks have
used this template successfully for MDI apps.

Thanks in advance,
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Can you expand on 'Looks terrible...'
Usually you will need to play with this window to suit the functionilty you require --- menu only, menu + buttons or icon bar, with a sidebar etc.

Which template - v10 or v11.

If it is v11 then be aware that, in my experience, when MDIChild windows are maximized the system buttons (minimize, maximize, close) do not appear in the menu bar.
You can see them if you click on a menu item but in general they dissapear again as soon as the mouse is moved.
This seems to be common in all templates, not just ActiveVista, that use graphic buttons.



von DerekT - am 11.09.2009 17:04
XI Active Vista Template

Menu above Titlebar... and so..

You can try it by yourself.. Create a new window, select Active Vista template, Select properties / Details tab. select MDI parent.- Save and display

von SuperDude - am 11.09.2009 17:25
No idea(s) ?

Thanks folks, Average Joe Coder

von SuperDude - am 12.09.2009 23:37
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