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[WM] WDAPICamera Internal Error on Device

Startbeitrag von Roddy@CCGApps am 28.08.2014 00:46


On calling the VideoStartApp( viPictureCapture ) in WM19, I am getting the following error on the device:
Error in left-clicking process. Internal error of WDJava framework. :fr.pcsoft.wdjava.api.WDAPICamera.

I also notice that it didn't automatically pick up the permissions required for the app which I added manually, which leads me to believe that there may be something fundamental missing from the application.

Has anyone else found this issue and the solution for it?

Thanks in advance,


I'm using this function with no problem. It worked in WM17 already.
sFile is string
sFile = VideoStartApp(viPictureCapture)

Did you sign your application with a real key (not the generic one), maybe that is necessary?

Now I have a look at it, I don't have the camera permission either (android.permission.CAMERA) !
But on the next screen mentioning Google Play Store there are 2 lines: android.hardware.camear and android.hardware.camera.autofocus

von Arie - am 28.08.2014 07:44

Thanks for getting back to me. I have rebuilt it today and the camera works fine :-(

This is a tad tricky as I have no idea what would have caused the issue and am expecting it to come back at some point because of this.

von Roddy@CCGApps - am 03.09.2014 09:33
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