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wb17 - duplicate a site for testing purposes

Startbeitrag von Arie am 05.09.2014 15:34

I have a production site running say www.mysite.com
Now I want to duplicate the SAME site, but slighty newer, on this server. So the production site remains active and I can ask a few people to have a look at the newer version.

I tried doing things by hand, to get a better understanding of how things work. With no luck yet...

I copied the production site to a new directory (ie c:\newsite) and created a new virtual map in IIS (6.0), pointing to this map.
Then I took a newer file of my website, say employees.awl and copied it over the exsiting one (inside the test-directory).

Now when I first go to this new site, I'm landing on the correct NEW index page (I can see this because it holds some extra test-images).
Here I have a timer which opens the employee page. But it is always the old production page, from the original directory, getting opened.
How is this possible? Shouldn't the site "stay" in it's own (relative) path on the server and pickup the NEW file?


some extra info
The browser tells me this page is opened

where I would expect this one (note the TEST just before the questionmark)+

It looks like somewhere deep down there is still a reference to the original site

von Arie - am 05.09.2014 15:38

It would be handy if you profice a real url.

do you have more than one language?



von Allard - am 05.09.2014 16:21
the index page is a statics page, if so check is content to see what is the url used to call your app.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 05.09.2014 16:28
On the index page a timer is started, which calls
where PageEmployeeLogin is just one of the pages in the project

Allard: it's a internal site for a company. You can't access it from the outside.
I changed the IP-adres with www.mysite.nl because I don't like it to get public on a forum.

I do see a small typo now on the second reference, that my fault in this post. It should say www.mysite.nl instead of www.mysite/nl

von Arie - am 05.09.2014 16:55
Ok I see,

Well I have had some problems with laugages that's why I askd. Hmm. i can remeber that ideed you cannot just copy something. Even in windev a project can have reverences if you copy a project. In the past it was even difficult to rename a project as well.

Not a nice solution but one that moast definitely will work:

Make a new project copy and paste the screens and code by hand in the new project



von Allard - am 06.09.2014 08:33

Re: wb17 - duplicate a site for testing purposes SOLVED

Finally got this solved.
The index.htm (and index.html and default.htm) pages are generated by Webdev and hold the reference to the original site I was talking about.
I found the following lines in these files

var _SI_="FBox";

After changing it to
var _SI_="FBoxTest";

everything works as expected.

I also installed the site using the setup, genereated by Webdev. For a moment I thought maybe the setup would change this parameter during install. But it does not.

von Arie - am 06.09.2014 10:51
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