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[WD16] FTP-Problem

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 07.09.2014 21:08


I'm trying to copy a file from a Server.
Following is the code:

nErg = FTPConnect(IpAktuell,EDT_FTP_Benutzer,EDT_FTP_Passwort)
IF nErg >= 0 THEN
IF FTPCurrentDir(nErg,"/m0:") = True THEN
bRes = FTPGet(nErg,"Ereignis.txt","c:\a")
IF bRes = True THEN
Info("Transfer ok")
Info("Transfer failed")

Program runs ok, but instead of copying the file 'Ereignis.txt' to folder 'c:\a'
there is a subfolder created in 'c:\a' with the Name 'Ereignis.txt'.

Any ideas?




I think you mis some end statementS



von Allard - am 08.09.2014 08:41
Hi Erik

y first idea would be to replace




Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.09.2014 08:59
Hi Allard,

the 3 Points ... mean, that there are some more lines of code including the end Statements.
The ftpget (...) is called so far.


von Erik Schwarz - am 08.09.2014 14:19

Re: [WD16] FTP-Problem not solved so far

Hi Fabrice,

your idea has the same result. To prove something I tested:


The result: creation of a Folder 'xyz.txt' and inside this the Folder 'Ereignis.txt'.
Somehow Windev does not recognize, what is a folder name and what is the file name :confused:


von Erik Schwarz - am 08.09.2014 14:23
Hi Erik,

strange, in WD17 this seems to work ok.

Did you try by putting the same filename in the destination ?

bRes = FTPGet(nErg,"Ereignis.txt","c:\a\Ereignis.txt")


von Bart VDE - am 10.09.2014 11:12
Hi Bart,

yes I did - the same Mysterium - result is a subfolder 'Ereignis.txt' an inside this another subfolder 'Ereignis.txt' :confused:


von Erik Schwarz - am 10.09.2014 12:32

Could it be they may not have fixed wd18/Windows bug in ftp for WD19?

From FAQ Section

As you have WD16 it depends (as I read the FAQ) about what version of Windows, Install of IE Explorer etc you got.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 10.09.2014 12:49

Re: [WD16] FTP-Problem SOLVED !!!

Hi all,

obviously it's a bug in WD16 :sneg:

Works ok with WD19 :spos:

Seems, I Need to go to the new Version now.

Thanks to all for your efforts.


von Erik Schwarz - am 11.09.2014 11:17
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