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Webdev 14 and Java Applet

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 01.10.2009 14:28


I try to build a Java applet with some database functions in Windev for use in Webdev.
If I test it in Windev everything works because the required *.dlls are in the exe-Dir.

If I import the *jar in Webdev as an applet I get an error "wd140jav.dll" is missing.

Is that even possible and if yes, what is the right way ?


I have the same problem.

I have among other things tried to include all dll's in the .jar file without success.
Hopefully there is a solution, but I would also like to know if it can't be done so that i don't waste more time on this.

regards Ragnar

von Ragnar Nygård - am 07.10.2009 07:43
Hi Ragnar,

It looks like there is no way to put the database functionality into the browser.
Copy some *.dll to the desktop of the client machine can´t be the solution.
I try to find out more in the french webdev forum , but no success.

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.10.2009 08:13
Hi Michael

I haven't try that myself, but I've read on the french forum that it was possible by copying the dlls to a 'specific' directory on the client machine which made this unusable in a web environment and not very practical on lan...

I think I remember it was marcel Berman talking about it, not very long ago

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.10.2009 12:30
Hi Fabrice,

yes, I found this and translate it via google.
Webdev needs wd14jav.dll and it must (depends of the IE Version) be in the "desktop" folder of the user (What about the linux folks ?)

A webdev application should be riched without any installation (except JVM).

Greetings MD

von Michael Drechsel - am 07.10.2009 13:05
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