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New to Windev-- example of CHAT, and using Google Chat

Startbeitrag von andy stapleton am 03.10.2009 10:37

New to Windev... thanks for help...

Looking for 2 examples.... would like develop Google Chat into a program, anyone have experience in API and Windev?

also would like example of use of a Dot Net library in Windev.

thanks. any help is appreciated.

Andy Stapleton


That will do in a pinch,

main reason , I have another product that has Dot net API , need to figure out how to use it. in the program and reference it.

thanks for this, didn't think about that


von andy stapleton - am 04.10.2009 12:39
had too less sleep during the last two days... (just 7 hours)

Using the DOT NET API from Windev is quit transparent. Except that you can't subclass f.i a C# (or any other dot net) class. That said : You can't use windows forms.

In other words . You can instantiate a dot net class, but you can't subclass..
Another thing is that you are not able to use generic collections. Simply because WD does not support it.
A no go is :
x is ArrayList dynamic // or the like..

Regarding Google Chat : using the HTML control is the way to go..

HTH Björn

von BLS - am 04.10.2009 14:14
Thanks, fixin to get into that process.....

it is a dot net API, that sends and recieves information, no controls, so it shouldn't have that issue.

thanks again.


von andy stapleton - am 04.10.2009 14:19
MySnip eats some chars...

x is ArrayList[T] dynamic // replace [ with the usual C# template bracket....

that said.. dot net support in WD is very limited.

von BLS - am 04.10.2009 14:19
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