Install new version and auto restructure data files

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 04.10.2009 11:18

Hi All

Is it possible to install a new version of your software and have the install routine restructure the data files whose structure has changed automatically. When ever I install a new version the program doesn't recognize the new file structure of the files that I have changed the structure on. I thought WD was able to do this automatically. And even when I install a new version where there has been no change to any file structures I end up losing all my existing data in my data files. Could someone please point me to the help file location to figure this out or explain what I am doing wrong. I need the answers to 2 things.

1. Can WD install a new version of the software and automatically re structure the data files for the files that have changed in structure.

2. Can you not install a new exe and not lose all your existing data in your data files.

Thanks for any help you may give me.


You can add this feature by ticking some ckeck boxes in your setup.

An other , a bit more complicacted option, is to add and re-use a class from the sample project : WDSetup (out of my head--) cModificAuto)

hth, björn

von BLS - am 04.10.2009 14:45
Hello John

In terms of losing data, it sounds like you are including data files in your update installations.

The Modfic utility will change file structures.
When I issue an update that has file changes, I also issue the updated wdd file. In the project init, I check if there is a wdd file in the directory and if so I run modifc and then delete the wdd file.

LCurrentDir is string = fCurrentDir()
LWDDFile is string = CompleteDir(LCurrentDir)+"XXX.wdd"
LModficFile is string = CompleteDir(LCurrentDir)+"WDModfic.exe"
LWDModficLine is string = LModficFile + " -report -nobackup -error /WDD="+LWDDFile+" /DIR="+LCurrentDir+" /US"
IF fFileExist(LWDDFile) AND fFileExist(LModficFile)
IF NOT HClose("*") THEN
Error("Unable to close all the files prior to checking their status."+CR+"Please close all open copies of project and try again")
IF NOT ExeRun(LWDModficLine,exeActive,exeWait)
Error("Unable to run the automatic modification"+...
" data: ",ErrorInfo(),...
"Command line used: ",LWDModficLine)


von Al - am 04.10.2009 23:44
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