WD14 Errors found in your code.../ Runtime Error

Startbeitrag von BLS am 04.10.2009 22:00

After pressing the GO button I get :

Errors found in your code... Some code may not operate at runtime.

Well that's already someting. But how do I find this errors.. (it is not a compiler error.)

Thanks in advance.


Hello Dude

They should be in the Kougloff in the code section. Maybe you have the warnings and errors turned off ?


von Al - am 04.10.2009 22:48
I don`t get error information in the code section... Just walked through the Tools/Options setting.. Can't find compiler/error settings..


von BLS - am 04.10.2009 23:03
Hello Bjorn

This is how it appears in my setup. The compilation errors section just appears as part of the Code option in the Kougloff.



von Al - am 04.10.2009 23:58
HI Al,
have NO Compiler Error messages ... instead :

Press Go... and see that (runtime)

von BLS - am 05.10.2009 01:26
Hello Bjorn

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I didn't realise that you were asking about V14, the example I sent earlier was for V12. In V14 the compilation error pane is seaparate from the code pane and is invoked by right click in the Kougloff border and then selecting it.



von Al - am 05.10.2009 05:22
Hi Bjorn,

The WD 14 compiler gets lost every now and then.
Just try the good old "delete .cpl directory".
Or other actions,repair project.


von Piet van Zanten - am 05.10.2009 07:22
@AL, Thanks, pb soved.
@Piet, yes like everybody else I do it at least once a week.

von BLS - am 05.10.2009 17:39
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