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Report Editor - I need to Re-invent the wheels !, pls help

Startbeitrag von Robert Zhong am 07.10.2009 00:59

Hi, All

I am doing a project for postcard mailing, the bulk of the graphic (offers) is done by Adobe Indesign which will export the postcard design as PDF for the background of the report.

Now, in the PDF file some areas will be left blank for inserting a barcode and some variable text info (such as client name, product name , offer expiry date etc).

Becase the position of these blank areas will NOT be known beforehand (up to their art designers), I need to let the user move the barcode and other objects around to place into the blank area they see on screen.

In short , it is like i need to provide my own report editor in a window.

I have no ideas this can be achieved in Windev12, any ideas or pointers will be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

Robert Zhong


Hello Robert

V12 supports user modfiable reports. Check out "Reports and Queries" in the help.


von Al - am 07.10.2009 03:13
Hi Robert...

that shouldn't be too bad...

You can display the pdf in an image field in a window... From there, it's just a question to make the user clic at the top left corner of each area (barcode area, text area...) OR at opposite corner...

You can even using the drawing functions to draw boxes on your image accordingly (thre is an exemple called wd poignées in the french version, which should be translated by wd handles, I guess)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 07.10.2009 12:25
Hi Fabrice ,Good ideas, I will investigate further, Thanks a lot.

Robert Zhong

von Robert Zhong - am 08.10.2009 00:18
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