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WD14SCM again and again / eval crash

Startbeitrag von BLS am 12.10.2009 13:44

I don't believe that anybody out there is using WD14 SCM via (A)DSL without having massive trouble.
ATM we are spending more time in doing backups and repairing the analysis, repairing the project update these update that etc...

I am official super angry and be assured that I am going to make as much trouble as I can until all these *** "repair me" or "update me" menu items are gone. I want a bug free, reliable SCM. Period.
(A SCM is mission critical)

The meanwhile sub-official "delete the SCM directory" just indicates that WX dependency tracking does not work. (Despite the tons of cache bullshit, living here and there)

I can give you at least ten simple and reproducable SCM bugs ... but who cares ...

***Not that all these "super tricks" respective "update/repair" stuff helps ...



Hello Bjorn

From what you have described in earlier posts, it seems clear that SCM doesn't work for you over a vpn link. As I suggested earlier and Joel's post in the your last SCM post confirmed, it may be a different story if you get yourself inside the remote LAN using RDP or Logmein or similar. Once you are remotely logged in to a local box with its own dongle the SCM should work as well as it can and at least you will eliminate any IP issues if you have further problems. I know you shouldn't have to do this, but if it it solves the problem...

It may even be quicker working remotely to a local box way because you are not moving data over the adsl link, just video and keystrokes.


von Al - am 12.10.2009 22:57
I don't know for W14 but W12 work very nice with SCM over internet with DynDNS and I don't have any trouble with it.
All I heft to do is to recompile project after update, 'cause SCM sometime forget to recompile some code and it is visible for me but not for project.

von ICI - am 13.10.2009 06:40

WD12 in conjunctions with DynDNS works. (has some quirks but nevertheless it works)

WD14 SCM is very very problematic. PCS has confirmed at least one bug. (stored procedures) IMO PCS should create a Test-suite based on one of the larger examples and do some real world work.

Hi Al,
yeah will will try to use RDP. For sure this will speed up the things.. especially when you have to modify the analysis (structures, stored procedures...)

Can you recommend a RDP Tool ?

von BLS - am 13.10.2009 08:05
Just to wet your appetite :


von BLS - am 13.10.2009 10:14
Hello Bjorn

If you don't want to bother setting up the Microsoftt RDP then try LogMeIn.
They have a free option as well as a paid option. It works fast and is easy to setup via a web browser so you don't have any firewall or router set up issues. The traffic does not go through their servers, I think they establish a p2p network between the two computers.

The free version will enable remote control which is enough for a proof of concept to see if some problems go away. If you want file transfer then there is a paid version. The file transfer is very quick and is smart. If the connection drops off it picks up where it left off.



von Al - am 13.10.2009 11:55
THANKS for the pointer Al, will try it tonight, respective tomorrow morning ;)

Any interest to see other SCM related bug screenshots ? Then welcome to my nightmare...

@ JImbo san
I really hope that you will use your big shoulders to force QA regarding this topic.


von BLS - am 13.10.2009 12:27
Hi Bjorn,

This is one of the most annoying bugs in WD14 and imo the cause of many crashes.
I think in WD14 the project and the compilation get out of sync for some reason all the time. PCsoft offered to examine my real world project to investigate, but I'm reluctant to do so.


von Piet van Zanten - am 13.10.2009 13:14
Hi Piet,
we did the same, send them the complete /real world/ project. At least they (PCS) are confirming one bug. (but without promising to fix 'em)

I am using WX products since 5.0 and due to my experience I am afraid that we will have (maybe) this bug-fixes in a upcoming release but not for WX14 anaymore.

Even if we get a fix in WX15... WX15 is far away for WX US users. Too far away for me..

Like Eric Beugelar I am all for a subscription model. Which means for me fixes asap.

I don't care about the subscription money
IMO WX has a couple of potential!!!! excellent things to offer. but I am not willing to pay for half baked stuff anymore...

Thanks for the feedback, and kind regards, Björn

von BLS - am 13.10.2009 13:42
Hi Bjorn

Like Logmein,

Try TeamViewer, it is free full version: Remote access, File Transfer, VPN



von Toddy Utomo - am 13.10.2009 16:08
thanks Toddy,
I use teamviewer from time to time.. problem with the free version is that after a 30 minutes or so the teamviewer session ends.

however I prefer teamviewver over LogMeIn...

von BLS - am 13.10.2009 20:48
There is one problem if you have a license dongle and you want to work remote with RDP,

Windev knows you are working with RDP and then Windev can't find the license dongle.


von ThijsB - am 19.10.2009 16:53
Hi Thijs

To avoid that problem try launching your connection like this

mstsc /v: -admin

or if you are using an old version of RDP

mstsc /v: -console

This gets you to the system console of the remote machine (session 0) and it will find your dongle ok.



von Bosher - am 20.10.2009 17:51
Try SVN or GIT.

von Peter Raines - am 21.10.2009 03:26
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