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How to change all font sizes in an app ???

Startbeitrag von Glenn Rathke am 16.10.2009 01:37


Is it possible to change the fontsize of all controls at runtime.

I hesitate to compare WinDev to other tools that some of us have left (Clarion) but it was a simple matter to change all the fontsize of all the controls throughout an app at runtime.

Some of my users complain that while they can enlarge a window by maximizing or dragging the borders, the fonts may still be a little small.

How have you all handled this ?



Radio Erivan: In principle, yes. You just have to EnumControl() all controls, identify their type (Table, Edit Control, Combo etc etc) enlarge them (and their parts) using ..Height and ..Width and change their font size using their property ..FontSize However, you will be surprised a lot when looking at the result! Though .. beauty lies in the eye of the beholder as they say. You have to do a lot of tweaking and adjustment in order to have enough space for the enlarged text, for the bigger controls and so on.

Advice: Depending on the project size, I'd offer a second window for the most-used windows of the project. The advantage is that you dont have to redo the whole project but can do it on a window-by-window basis. When opening a window, you can decide - using a switch - whether the small font window or the or big font window is opened.

von Jimbo - am 16.10.2009 07:40
Thanks for the info.

For a RAD tool, this is not what I was wanting to hear.


von Glenn Rathke - am 16.10.2009 12:20
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