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Passing parameters to a PROCEDURE - Automatic conversion

Startbeitrag von Michael am 19.10.2009 02:29

Hi All:
I have a procedure with a parameter defined as string. If I pass a string as '2343.343434.2323.3434' the parameter is converted to numeric and only 2343.343434 is considered. If I include any letter or symbol (not only numbers) it seems like it takes my string as it's.
Why is making such conversion? I need to pass strings which only contains numbers and dots...But there are still strings, not numbers...

Any idea how can I avoid the conversion?



Hi Michael,

isn't there the standard way of declaring parameters for procedures like below?

PROCEDURE MyProcedure(sABC as string, iDEF as 4-byte int, bGHI as boolean)

Kind regards,

von Jimbo - am 19.10.2009 03:17
Hello Guenter:

Yes, I have defined in that way. But even so, if I pass a string like '234.233.2333' (without any letter or other symbol than a dot...), it 's considered as a number so it's converted to 234.233 , so the last part after the second dot is lost.

You can also define a procedure without specifyng the types of the parameters, but in this cause I would justify the conversion. But in my case, where I 'm explicitly defining a parameter as a string, I would not expect to have it converted as a number.

The workaround is to append some letter to the parameter and then take this out in the Procedure...


von Michael - am 19.10.2009 16:37
Which product and version are we talkin about?

von Piet van Zanten - am 19.10.2009 16:55
I 'm using WinDev12.


von Michael - am 19.10.2009 20:47
Hi Michael,

I cannot replicate this problem.

x is string="2343.343434.2323.3434"

PROCEDURE New_Procedure(sText is string)

Both methods return the string as expected. Even if I dont declare the parameter it works fine.


von Piet van Zanten - am 19.10.2009 21:07
Hello Piet:

Actually, the procedure is a Global Procedure exposed as a web service. May be, this is the difference why is not working for me.


von Michael - am 23.10.2009 04:53
JAT... using single or double quotes?

von Art Bonds - am 23.10.2009 14:46
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