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Compile to Linux and how to run it?

Startbeitrag von Nensi.pcs.crosspost am 19.10.2009 07:02

Hello all my friends.... I want to ask about something in Windev... I've already compile my project from the the toolbar called: Workshop>Generate the linux executeble(console)>show dialogue window and follow the instruction,and named it as Login...After that,i open the saved project in C:\MessProject\Windev\Exe\Login.jar...
I copy Login.jar into opensuse and ran it by clicking right mouse, open with from execute jar file...the form shown up but after i want to open another form,the error shown up...
the error said "can't load library: root.Desktop/Oracle/Exe/wd140jav.so"
Is there anyone know what have I need to do again?
Thanks guys... ^_^

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