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WB12 - sharing analysis

Startbeitrag von Joel am 19.10.2009 20:11

Hi all -

I have an analysis in one project and have another project that uses it as well. I believe I 'shared' the analysis when I first created the project. Whenever I make changes to the analysis in the original project stops working and I have to go in and update the data files from the second project specifically.

Is there a way to share an analysis and have it automatically update all the data files for any project that uses the analysis?

Any ideas welcome -


Hi Joel,

Check in the project description if the physical location of the analysis is the same in both projects.


von Piet van Zanten - am 19.10.2009 21:09
Hi Piet -

The physical location of the analysis is the same in both projects - which to me is even more confusing - looks like it's not just sharing but actually using the same analysis - so why don't the files update?

von Joel - am 20.10.2009 15:03
Hello Joel

When you make an analysis change the WDModifc Utility will be displayed, check that both the project "Exe" directories as well as any test data directories are in the list and ticked, If they are not then add them to the list and it will be ok from then on.


von Al - am 20.10.2009 15:44
Hi Joel,

Note that the list of file/server locations to be updated are project dependent. They are stored in the .REP file in the project root. So you have to run the WDModFic utility in all your projects that share an analysis.


von Jeff Graham - am 20.10.2009 20:32
OK Jeff - thanks! That's exactly what I needed to know. Now, thinking that that is a bit too clumsy - I never remember to open up that other project - do you have any suggestions how to change this to work better?

von Joel - am 20.10.2009 20:43
Hi Joel,

Just specify all data folders and server databases for all projects that share the analysis in the WDModFic utility once for each project. Then when you change the analysis in one project, all the data files will be updated. Then when you do open another project, it should tell you the analysis has changed and ask if you want to apply the changes to the project.

However, if you specify live data, then that would be a problem because you have to deploy the site with the new analysis before updating the live data.


von Jeff Graham - am 20.10.2009 21:24
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