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WD14 :Table Cloned Columns

Startbeitrag von Tomas am 21.10.2009 17:44

Hello guys,

To fill a special need for filling a table of variable structure Í´ve been playing around w/ cloning of columns as one of the possibilities :

a) Cannot find a way to index each column in order to manipulate its data by accessing certain columns
b) As an alternative, would a memory table built via "BuildBrowsingTable" be easier to manipulate (variable number of columns) ?



Hi Tomas.

If you name the original column "col_Name_1" then you can clone the next ones:
FOR nCol=2 to HowManyDoIwant
IF NOT FieldExist(sColName) THEN ControlClone(col_Name_1,sColName,indControl)
You can acces the columns by indirection:
FOR nLine=1 to TableCount(Table)
FOR nCol=1 to HowManyDoIwant
HTH, regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 21.10.2009 22:39
Thanks Piet,

The key was to index the original column, then everything falls into place !

Now, I was wondering if there is some way of rearranging columns to new positions, however, the MoveColumn command appears to work only w/XLS tables ?!


von Tomas - am 22.10.2009 03:25
Hi Tomas,

I don't know a way to rearrange the columns by programming, but you could clone them in the desired order. If the original columns pose a problem, then you can leave them invisible.


von Piet van Zanten - am 22.10.2009 08:13
Hello Tomas,

I know you can use TableMoveColumn for memorytables.


von Louis Verbraak - am 22.10.2009 09:22
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