WD14 (yep like it)

Startbeitrag von BLS am 21.10.2009 23:57

maybe I am going to pick on your nervers.. sorry than, here just another piece of SCM joy :


More, ? Here is where the real fun begins :



Just checked out your video - easy to see why you are frustrated!!!!!!!!
I was impressed at how calm you managed to sound. :cool:

I do find SCM to be a bit of a love/hate relationship.

I too have found that the sync between local and remote can be lost resulting in errors claiming that windows, queries etc cannot be found.
The irritating thing is that the process used to overcome the error may work on some occassions and not others.
What I have noticed is that once a problem is encountered it does seem prone to randomly recreating the same error.
I thought at one time that I had 'cracked the case' by becoming project master whenever I made DB changes - sadly it turned out that this was not 100% true.

I have not been as diligent as you in keeping notes of my issues but will keep a log in future to see if a common denominator can be found amongst us - both for errors and solutions.

I did at one time send requests to PCS Support but generally got the 'cannot duplicate' message.
This is of course the main problem - how would they replicate an issue when we, the beleaguered developers, cannot guarantee that an issue will occur at any given time.

Let's hope that you manage to get a positive response from PCS.
No doubt you will keep us informed. :D



von DerekT - am 22.10.2009 10:00
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