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Windev/MSSQL on the server - I

Startbeitrag von luiz marin am 23.10.2009 11:20

Hello everyone:
I will try to express my problem:
have made an application in clarion with MSSQL2008 installed on the server. Some users use Terminal Services to run the application from your home.
In WinDev, I can create an exe, install in home users and those they can access the data on the server via IP? How could I solve this?

appreciate any help in this regard.
(translated with google ... I do not even know whether they will understand the grammar of the automatic translator ... but thanks for trying ...)

thanks and hugs from Brazil ...



Olá Luiz,
To run the application in their home pc accessing the MSSQL 2008 server is easy to do if the server running the sqlserver can be acessed (public IP) from the internet.
In the connection (Hdescribeconnection) just put the public ip of the server.

If the mssql server can't be acessed from the internet and if you want to use windev terminal server is one of the possible solutions.
You can always make your application with webdev and access it thru browser.

I'm portuguese, just forget any forum in portugese there is no one I know.

my English is as good as yours but to use this forum (the best I know) you have to do it.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 23.10.2009 13:23
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