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Deploying a WebDev Site

Startbeitrag von JP am 27.10.2009 08:31


Newbie alert :)

I am doing the WebDev 14 tutorial and am now trying to deploy the My_Library example website via FTP - lesson 10.1. I have:

1) Installed the WebDev 14 Adminstrator 10 Connection on the IIS6 server (Win2003)
2) Created a new WebDev admin user in it.
3) Created and specified the FTP folder, the websites folder and the data folder for this user.
4) Created an FTP user account for WebDev.

I then try to run the WebDev Wizard for Installing a WebDev Site. I follow the instructions and run the "test the parameters" button. It does connect to the server and the FTP connection appears to work as it creates a folder and a temporary file inside the folder structure I setup for WebDev Administrator as per above.

However it fails when trying to do something with IIS. The server returns an html error page and the main message is: HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. Internet Information Services (IIS).

Clearly some sort of authorization issue but I am not sure how to resolve it. Can anyone help?

Thank you.



Hi there
You need to examine the help file of your
Webdev server. There is a long list of
Permissions that must be set before it will
Work. Also, if your iis is on a server that
Is a member of a domain, you are screwed !!
This is because it wants to use local machine
Accounts and can't use domain accounts

You can make it work in this environment if
You have console access to the server and can
Run the wbsetup.exe for your site


von Bosher - am 28.10.2009 18:24
Thanks Bosh but the solution turned out to be simpler than this. I had not created a
Windows user account which was the same as the WebDev Administrator account.
Once I created that it worked perfectly. The tutorial FR->EN translations are not always
quite clear enough.

Thank you.


von JP - am 29.10.2009 07:31
Hi Jos,

Glad it's workin for you!


von Bosher - am 29.10.2009 11:14
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