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data mapping software or.... other solution

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 04.11.2009 14:02

I am working on a database which eventually should be included with a WinDev Mobile application.
The problem is, that the final database will have to be compiled of many different source snippet files like TXT, Excel, db etc. witch have different column names.

I have seen once a tool which allowed that but can not remember where it was .
The final product before import in WinDev Mobile could be a Excel CSV/TXt file etc.

I am thinking of a visual mapping tool where on one side we have the file to be imported in windev and on the right side the individual file snippets to be mapped and merged.

Has anyone knowledge of such a tool or any other idea how that could be efficiently handled?

Thanks for any hints


Hello Hans,

I think you are talking of DMC tool ?

It will allow you to read your HF tables and export transfer the date to CSV - DBF - XLS - SQL and more ... ;)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any detailed help



von JP Gutsatz - am 04.11.2009 14:59
Hi JP,
it was actually another tool but that one looks interesting too. I do not need HF to csv etc. but
CSV DBF XLS etc. to either ----> CSV or to HF. The final DB will be a HF but CSV would also do.
Does that work with this Software and are you using that tool?


PS: what is TPS ?

von Hans60 - am 04.11.2009 16:08
Hi Hans,

ANY source to CSV is of course possible with DMC
ANY Source to HF is also possible with DMC IF you have the v14 (or even v12 PCSoft ODBC driver) because the previous ones where not read/write

Yes I use it every day (maybe because I wrote it and carry on adding features etc ...to it ? ;) )

TPS is a clarion proprietary data structure (another language)

Basicaly DMC was written because I needed for my main application to be able to transfer - map etc data from ANY source to ANY destination formats and I did not find what I wanted so I wrote it and it became a great success when I decided to distribute it ...

Dowload it and try it yourself - you will see how easy all is

Do NOT hesitate to email me for any more details if you need



von JP Gutsatz - am 04.11.2009 17:22
Hello Hans,

Yes it is possible with DMC if you use v12 or v14 ODBC driver

Please try it and let me know if you need help

TPS is clarion proprietary format of files

Yes I use it everyday with pleasure and success ;)


von JP Gutsatz - am 04.11.2009 19:16
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