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Hcreation with HF client/server

Startbeitrag von Geert Debruyne am 09.11.2009 13:40

We have just converted a major data warehousing application to HF C/S
One part of it is building up the database for interactive queries and the function starts with a Hcreation of all major database-files in order to rebuild them from scratch.
After converting to C/S this does not work anymore: we always get a notive that the tabel is already open by another user (can not be bevause there is only one process thas rebuilds the database....)

I suppose because there is a connectioj with the database we can not user Hcreation anymore...
Anyone has tips for this issue? Or maybe you know of another method for clearing the file (delete with sql-statement is not a good solution because the files will keep growing with thousands of deleted records in it...)



Hello Geert,

I struggled with this kind of problems some time ago. When you search this forum on my name you will find several posts about it.

Probably you change the connection of all the files in the same loop where you create them. You need to use 2 loops for that: first the connection and the second for creation.


von Louis Verbraak - am 09.11.2009 14:46
Hello Louis...

the issue of my problem is that we have to set a connection first to point to the right C/S database (location is different with every customer) and this locks up the file, so i can not do a Hcreation any more...)

It' slike the chicken-egg-story: i need a connection to point to the file, but i must not have one in order to use the hcreation on the file...


von Geert Debruyne - am 09.11.2009 15:23
afiak this is not a checken-egg situation. Defining a connection does not open the files.
So it must be something else.

I use HCreation (indeed this does more than just deleting the records, i.e.: setting the autoid value back to zero) to clean up databases after a training-session. Works like expected...

Are you sure you don't have any windows open?
I'm not sure if a query can block a file. Maybe you have to HCancelDeclaration some queries.

von Arie - am 09.11.2009 15:36
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